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Bob on landscaping

6 Jun

Well, look I don’t blog for a few days and we’ve gone and bought a house! Its been a crazy whirlwind couple of weeks to say the least. We got an offer on our house Sunday evening, and then turned around and made an offer on another house Monday night.

The house is great, although I’m sad to be leaving the city. It has a yard (what the heck is THAT??) with a very big upward slope. So, much of the yard is not usable for things other than sledding, frolicking and general scenery. Its fine, the flat part is still bigger than 8 of my current yards. The current owners have it landscaped nicely with some retaining walls. So Bob and I are talking this evening about what we’d like to do with the house over the next few years….

Bob: Maybe we can do some terra cotta landscaping.
Me: You mean terraced landscaping?
Bob: Yeah, that too.

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