I am many things: Mother, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Granddaughter, Cousin, Niece, Co-worker…. the list goes on.  Being a Mom is not my only identity, but it sure does provide for the funniest stories.  And when Beatrice and Gus aren’t making me laugh, I only need to look to the other side of the couch to find humor in my husband Bob.

One of the things I noticed since becoming a mother is how unreal everything suddenly becomes.  None of the books I read, save for a couple (Pregnancy Sucks was one of my faves), told me the truth or had realistic expectations on motherhood.  I’m here to tell you the TRUTH.  Your first trimester generally sucks. But then it gets better.  And then it gets uncomfortable.  Having a newborn pretty much sucks.  But then it gets better, and you sleep some more.  And then you can’t wait for them to start eating solid foods and walking.  And then they start throwing that food at you and refusing to be held in public so it takes you 15 minutes to cross the parking lot at Target. And then you want to put the brakes on (or fast forward to college, which, of course, they will have earned a full scholarship for). So you decide to have another.  And it starts all over…

These are the tales of my life… dirty, funny, trying, difficult, happy, joyous, frustrating and wonderful.


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