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Bob on Children’s Programming

29 Jan

While watching Sesame Street this morning….

Bob: Oh hey there’s that one guy.
Me: Bob.
Bob: Yeah.
Me: No, the guy’s name is Bob.
Bob: What is Oscar?
Me: He’s a grouch.
Bob: Yeah yeah I know that, but what IS he? A komodo dragon? A Guile monster?
Me: Can’t he just be a grouch?
Bob: No I mean I know he’s not human. What IS HE?
Me: He’s just a make believe monster.
Bob: I don’t deal in the make believe.
Me: You are watching Sesame street and the baby isn’t in the room.
Bob: I’m not watching, I’m observing. So when Bea comes to ask me what Oscar is I can say oh he’s a big gerbil that turned green b/c he was so dirty. Like a booger.
Me: {Silence}
Bob: He could be a marsupial.

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