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Bob on Surgery (also known as Bob on lady parts)

16 Mar

Bob and I are visiting his parents this weekend.

I should give a little background for this one.  My mother-in-law had a bout with breast cancer about 5 years ago.  One of my best friends is going through the same thing.  My MIL just had knee surgery.

So, while sitting at the breakfast table, Bob, my mother and father-in-law and I were chatting.  My MIL inquired about my friend and her progress.  I lamented that, depending on the results of some genetic studies, she may have to eventually have a hysterectomy.

MIL: Yeah, but after all she’s been through, it won’t be so bad.  The surgery itself for me was an easy recovery.

Me: That’s good.

MIL: They will just go in laparoscopically, you know, like they did with my knee.  Three little incisions.

Bob (Looks up from the paper): What… they go in through your knee for that?

Everyone: NO!

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