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Signs that you have a toddler, a baby no more

1 Jan

You experience a somewhat incident-free evening out at a restaurant with your child, and leave with the utmost confidence that you are now fully equipped to negotiate a lasting peace in the Middle East.

You go through 5 rolls of paper towels a week.

You actually look at mothers with newborns and sort of miss those days (REALLY!!???)

You start fantasizing about all day Kindergarten… its another 3 or 4 years away, but hey, its a goal.

A day when you’ve managed a half-ass tooth-brushing job on your child followed by a bath where you’re not even sure if you got all their parts clean is a successful day.  At least they HAD a bath.

You start thinking… yeah, I could do this all over again.  Something a year ago you swore you’d never do as you were investigating whether tubal ligation or vasectomy were better options.  Or maybe both?

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