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Oh…. so THAT’S how it happened!

13 Jan

So when I wrote my last post about the uterine biopsy, I was getting the timeline a little messed up.  I tried to think back, but after the tests a lot of it was blurry.  So I went back and searched my Gmail to see if I had emailed anyone about the procedures.  I found a chat string from July 5,2009 between myself and the lovely Martha Hotness.

Martha: how late did everyone stay

12:00 PM me: most everyone left right after fireworks

julie & brian stayed till about noon

Martha: noon? did they sleep the night?

me: lmao

i meant midnight

Martha: haha gotchya

12:01 PM me: how is work?

Martha: sucky. no motivation

me: i know i’m supposed to be ‘reading’

and i’m playing uno on facebook

12:02 PM Martha: that’s why i’m not on facebook, i have enough distractions in my life [sidebar: the lovely MH is now on Facebook]

me: hahaha

12:03 PM so i meant to try to get you alone for a bit to tell you about my ‘procedures’

i had my biopsy on friday–oh my god

i yelled the whole time lol

Martha: eeek, i bet it was painful

when do you get the results back?

me: i don’t know honestly

i have to call when i get my period

12:04 PM Martha: then what?

me: then they give me clomid

and we schedule a sonogram for day 12

ohh i forgot to tell you

that both docs said I have a ‘tight cervix’



It has started to come back to me.  I had to take Clomid on Day 12 of the next cycle, which would likely be late July.   Then, on day 14 or 15, I would go in for a sonogram to see how many eggs were developing.  If they looked good, I’d get a shot, and Bob was scheduled the next day to make his, er, deposit.  2 hours later, I’d come in for the, ehhh, receiving of the sacrament, so to speak.

So based on my super sleuthing (I’ve been reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, can you tell?) I deduced that my first IUI treatment was sometime in early August.

I know this much:  None of the three treatments we did produced any results.  And in October I went back to talk to my doctor about next steps.   There were several more aggressive approaches of IUI we could do.  Some involved injectables, versus the Clomid, which increased my chances to about 15% (up from 10%).  Side note: Did you know that after the age of 30, if you have been trying to get pregnant for a year or more, the chances of you getting pregnant naturally are only about 3-4% each month? This news is not meant to depress or deter you in any way, but if intervention is in your future, there ya go.

Coincidentally, something else was going on at this very same time.   Open Enrollment for Healthcare was happening simultaneously;  a few weeks before this visit as a matter of fact.  Bob and I had gotten notice that our healthcare was changing.  Nothing major was changing in our coverage.  We were still very lucky to have fertility coverage for 90% of the costs.  BUT I did notice that my lifetime benefit was reducing by $10,000.  That basically meant I would be losing out on $9,000 worth of treatments (assuming we had to pay for the other 10%) in about 2 1/2 months.   So…  how do you spend $9,000 at a Fertility Clinic in two months’ time?  Its spelled I-V-F.

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