Bob on Pixar Movies

9 Apr

While driving around on Saturday, I spot a classic truck from the 40’s or 50’s, restored to mint condition.

Me: Oooh, look at that truck!
Bob: Wow, that’s cool. Kind of reminds me of that truck from that movie… Trucks?
Me: Trucks?
Bob: No, what was it…Cars! What was his name? Mater?
Me: Oh yeah, Mater.
Bob: Is that supposed to be short for TO-MATO?
Me: No. Its “Tow-Mater.”
Bob: So like a tomato. Or a Tomahto.
Me: No, he was a tow truck so its “Tow” Mater. A play on words.
Bob: Oh I thought it was because he was red.
Me: He was brown.


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