To the Mother with only One Child…

4 Feb

One of my playgroup friends (with two children) sent this link around last week.  It really resonated with me.  This blogger is a mom of NINE.  Yes, nine.   How many times have you marveled at what must be super-human patience, the ability to go on 5 hours sleep, and cook a meal for a family larger than four?  I do it constantly.  I only work part time, and I think to myself, “How do full time working moms do it?  How does anyone do it with more than one?”

I am constantly saying “Oomph, Bea, you are so heavy.” In my defense, 28 pounds…

But oh how she is light. This article made me think that maybe I’m doing a better job than I think.  And maybe I could handle one more?  We’ll see.  And NO I’m not pregnant.  LOL.

To the Mother With Only One Child


One Response to “To the Mother with only One Child…”

  1. Piper's Run February 4, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    I read this article a few weeks back and it made me realise I am doing okay. I could not imagine a family of 9…wowza!

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