Bob on working out

11 Jan

Bob and I went back to the gym together recently.  We hadn’t been at the same time since God-knows-how-long. We decided we needed to take advantage of the Saturday morning kids zone.

We dropped Bea off and said our goodbyes, agreeing to meet in front of the Kids Zone in an hour.

Bob:  Don’t forget to do your warm down and cool down.

Me (ok I’ll bite):  What’s a warm down?

Bob:  You know its like a cool down only more active.

Me: uh huh.

Bob: Its the tail end of your work out where you’re still warm, but you’re slowing down.

Later, in the car, I decide I have to delve deeper into this wisdom.  Me:  So, explain to me the difference between a warm down and cool down again.

Bob:  A warm down is you’re slowing down.  You’re still wearing your sweatpants so you’re warm.  You’re muscles are still warm.  Technically, if you did stretches in a hot room, it would be a warm down.  Its the first part of the cool down.

Me: Hmmm.

Bob: And a cool down is like you’re cooled off.


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