Bobism #9

1 Nov

Wow, I’ve been so behind in my posts lately. Mostly because I was called for jury duty and ended up sitting on a case for 7 full days. Sort of set me back a little. Then, of course I had to go and volunteer for a Halloween parade in the neighborhood. Why do I always overload my plate so much? Anyhoo, October is over with and I am looking forward to a fun November.

Withour further ado…

Bob and I were at a wedding last weekend. One of my old roommates got married and I did her makeup and the makeup of her bridesmaids. I had to get to her house early so Bob took Bea to my mom’s where he got ready.

It was only when we got to the cocktail hour that I noticed his tie.

Me: Oh hey, look your tie matches my dress.
Bob: Yeah I did that on purpose.
Me: I didn’t know you could do that.
Bob: Yeah I think you’re allowed to coordinate like that right?
Me: No I mean I didn’t think you could match something.
Bob: Oh, well, all I knew was yellow.

Classic Bob. The man who defines a ‘new’ shirt as anything under 6 years old.


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