Bobism #24

18 Oct

So, yeah, I have jury duty for a week, and as if I wasn’t behind in my posts enough, I’ll surely be behind after this week.  But this little gem was worth stealing away a moment on the ol’ QWERTY.  After being told by several people that I should have tried to ‘get out’ of jury duty, and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of jockeying that had to be done for daycare, etc. I confide in my sage husband:

Me: “Maybe I just should have lied and said I’m a neurosurgeon or that I had a brother who was a career criminal or something.”

Bob: “No babe, you were honest. Most other people would have irked their duties as a citizen but you are doing yours instead of irking it.”

Me: “I think you mean ‘shirk.'”

Bob: “No, its skirt, like skirt the issue.”

Me: “But you said irk, and I think you meant shirk.  Shirking is not skirting, but irking is not shirking.”

Bob: “Shirk isn’t a word.  Bring me proof.”


One Response to “Bobism #24”

  1. Karin October 18, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    This is my favorite yet. #24. Write that down.

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