Positive Living

14 Oct

Well, well, well, lookie here. I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks and I already have a guest post on another blog 😉

Stephanie at CityCharmer sent an email out to the SE Baltimore List Serv a few weeks ago, asking for some ideas on positive living–things that we do for our friends and family to show that we care.  If you don’t know about the List Serv, you either don’t have kids or don’t live in Baltimore City, or neither.  But its a Yahoo Group created for families in my hood.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SEBaltCityKids/

I had a good story of positive living to share with Stephanie (Wipe that shocked look off your face, I don’t complain THAT much!) So, I sent  her this story:

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine had ordered a bunch of pink flamingos (you know the kind you put in the yard?  Really long story).  Anyway, the company that sent the flamingos also sent a couple of bags of fluffy pink balls called Flamingo Poop.   I saw one of these bags and thought it was so cute.  Very whimsical and child-like.

Anyway, my friend had no use for them.  Once I put a bunch around her office as a joke, but she didn’t find it very funny.  She is quite anal-retentive and did not like little pink fluffy balls every where!  I thought it was a hoot.
So, I pocketed a few and took them home.  I figured if I got a kick out of watching my friend find these little balls, I thought my husband would appreciate it too.  So, I started hiding them in places where I knew he’d find them.  In the refrigerator, under the remote, in his luggage (he travels often), in his shoes, in his sock drawer, etc.  So he started reciprocating.  It was so nice to wake up in the morning on a day that he’d left for a two day trip to find a little reminder in the form of a tiny pink fuzzy ball in my morning tea cup or sandwiched in between my closed laptop.

Pink Pooooopppp!!!!

This practice definitely petered out somewhat when we had dear Beatrice.   Partially because we lost a few poops along the way.  But also because life is just hectic with a baby.  I tried hiding a few poops in her baby swing and they stayed there for weeks.  Now that she’s one, I’m trying to resurrect the poop-hiding.  Here is a picture of one in our fridge.  My husband will find it tonight when he reaches for his beer.

I’m glad she inspired the idea for me to tell the story because otherwise I may not have thought to write about it.


One Response to “Positive Living”

  1. Kathleen October 23, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    HA I enjoyed your Bobisms post below. I found your blog when I googled SEBaltCityKids. My optometrist (on O’Donnell St) mentioned the group to me because I brought my 4 1/2 month old with me, and we live in the neighborhood. Do you know how I could join the group? I’d like to find a playgroup to join with my little guy. 🙂

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