I picked a helluva time to start a blog

10 Sep

For all of my life I’ve fancied myself a writer.  Why am I just now starting a blog? Who am I blogging to?  Is this is a journal or something for public view?  I don’t know.  I got a wild hair up my butt this evening and decided I needed to start. Tonight.

So, in the time its taken me to get this all set up, my eyes have grown tired.  Its 9:22–I have a baby, yes, this is late for me.  Plus, I have like 3 chapters left of The Help, and I’m dying to finish.

See, while I’m a good writer–no, I’m a great writer– I lack patience.  Its just easier to say the thoughts in my head while driving in the car or talk to myself in the shower or have good conversation with a friend on the phone or at dinner.  Even thought I’m a pretty fast typer.  I’ve had people in AWE of my typing speed, actually (best class I ever took in high school).   It still doesn’t compare with the speed of my mouth.

Aha, see therein lies the problem.  When I say things outloud, sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain.  Oh, former bosses and co-workers, you’ve been privvy to that bit of information for quite a while now.  So, if I can write down my thoughts and pause in between to find just the right words, maybe they’ll be better reflected upon when read 10 years from now.

I guess that brings me to the point of this blog.  Beatrice, my daughter, just turned one.  I can’t express in one entry how this has changed my life, made me a better person and deposited wisdom untold into my brain.   So, I want to be able to look back on these times as we watch her grow.  I want a record for HER to have when I’m long gone.  And, assuming the machines don’t turn against us, I’m going to have faith in the fact that somewhere in cyberspace my words are safe.  My memories are safe.

So, this so far isn’t very impressive as far as first posts go, but I make a promise to myself, and to Bea, to do better tomorrow.   Sooooo tired.


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